Changes Made by Digital Photography

There has been a number of changes made by digital photography. In fact, the biggest change has probably been with the cameras themselves. Two-megapixel cameras could be bought for less than $100.00 in late 2002.

There were even some one-megapixel cameras offered for under $60.00.

Changes Made by Digital PhotographyYou could find a few discount stores offering development and processing of digital prints for their customers. There were offering the actual chemical prints being processed in an hour.

They were trying to compete with the inkjet prints customers could get from their computers.

The cost of the prints was about the same price as film prints.

They did this even though with the different aspect ratio in digital photos that showed people the 4×6 digital print cropped some of the image in the print.

Today you are able to get prints with the exact same ratios that digital cameras record.

In 2003, the single-use digital camera was introduced. It cost only $11.00!

This camera followed the same process as the disposable film cameras. This type of camera became very popular and could be found on the guest’s tables at most weddings.

You were able to take the camera back to the store and receive prints as well as a CD-ROM of the pictures.

The store then refurbished the camera and it was sold again.

This was the significant difference between the one-use digital camera and the disposable film camera.

Today there are several of these one-use digitals on the market. They have the identical in function and specifications to the original one-use digital camera that was sold in 2003.

However, a few now have higher specifications and are also technologically advanced.

Changes Made by Digital PhotographyThese one-use digitals can be found for under $20.00 in most stores. However, this price does not include the cost of processing the film.

The downside of this is that because of the high demand for digital cameras, there has been an increase in the number of complaints from customers.

It seems that some manufacturers cut corners in order to maintain a competitive edge with their prices.

In fact, some of these manufacturers only offered a 90-day warranty on their digital cameras due to the short service life.

Other changes made by digital photography include a sharp drop in the prices on a 35mm camera, a lot of manufacturers have stopped making them.

In fact, one major camera company, Kodak, filed for bankruptcy protection in 2012. They sold their patents but came back as a smaller company in 2013.

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