Manfrotto Pro Backpack

The Manfrotto Pro Backpack is designed to offer a carrying solution for your camera gear, tripod, laptop, and accessories. It is designed to make it easy to organize and protect your camera with lens attached and battery clip.

It can also accommodate 4-6 additional lenses, back up camera body and flash. With the organizer flap, it is easy to keep your small accessories in the right place.

You can store the DSLR with the main lens attached and upright. The interchangeable dividers make it possible to keep all your gear organized and protected.

Manfrotto Pro Backpack Features

  • Accessibility. It is easy to access your camera, laptop, and other accessories in the backpack.
  • Comfortable. The backpack is designed to offer ample comfort to the users.
  • Organizer flap. This feature keeps lens, cables, caps, notebooks and other accessories well organized and easily accessed.
  • Rain Protector. The backpack comes with rain protector for instant protection during extreme weather conditions.

What we Liked Most About the Manfrotto Pro Backpack

The backpack comes with a tripod
It has a padded harness
We liked that the backpack is well made.

Manfrotto Backpack Info Link: Camera Backpack

What we Did Not Like about the Manfrotto Pro Backpack

Manfrotto Pro BackpackWe found that the backpack is rather large but it also is a great size for keeping all the camera gear in one place.

More about the Manfrotto Backpack

The backpack is easily accessed as a result of the large compartments that will protect all the camera equipment. It also has a zipper for easy access.

The backpack is comfortable to wear as it has a padded harness that can be adjusted to suit your body.

There is a rain protector that is great for being out in the elements.

One of the recent customers who purchased the Manfrotto MB LB050-5BB PRO V Backpack said, “This is a great bag which is well-made. The pockets are big and made with heavy materials. I have been using it for the last three months and I am really happy with it.”

The Manfrotto backpack is made for in extreme adventures. It is easy to use, comfortable and light.

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See all The Different Cameras and Accessories!

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