Multi-Camera Carrying Vest Review

If you like to have a couple of cameras with you when you are out in the field taking photos you know how difficult it can be to carry everything you need. That is where the Nicama Multi-Camera Carrying Vest with Side Holster is an outstanding choice.

The vest is great for helping to relieve fatigue and neck strain from physically demanding shoots. Perfect for taking photos at weddings, sporting events or even journalism assignments.

Multi-Camera Carrying Vest FeaturesMulti-Camera Carrying Vest

  • Secure camera locking system with an instant release
  • Perfect for the photographer on the go
  • Backup safety camera strap
  • Holds any type and size of camera and lens combination
  • Perfect for all your photography needs
  • One size fits all

Multi-Camera Carrying Vest Description

This is a rugged, sturdy design that holds one or two cameras securely and in a position that allows for immediate action.

The system comes complete with a carrier tether that securely supports cameras and increases stability.

The side Holster allows you to carry a second camera holster-style, leaving you hands-free for other activities until you are ready to shoot.

What we Liked the Most about the Multi-Camera Carrying Vest

We like that you can also put on a backpack so that you can carry even more camera equipment. We also like that you can’t beat this price!

What we did Not Like about the Multi-Camera Carrying Vest

We did not like that there is virtually no instructions on how to put it together. However, there are three pictures on the box but most people didn’t find them helpful.

More about the Multi-Camera Carrying Vest

Multi-Camera Carrying VestWhen you have to carry a lot of camera equipment, fatigue is a problem. With the vest, you have more comfort for carrying some of your equipment.

The vest has a side holster giving more room for your equipment.

The vest is great for hands-free action while using a camera or even using your phone or tablet.

The locking system means everything is secure and comes with an easy release system.

There are safety straps providing extra protection.

The vest holds the cameras securely against the body to eliminate swinging.

You will find that this camera vest is comfortable to wear and keeps your equipment easily accessible.

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