Samsung Smart WiFi and NFC Digital Camera Review

Advanced Near Field Communication and Wi-Fi connectivity bring additional functionality to the Samsung Smart WiFi and NFC Digital Camera. The Tag & Go feature allows the camera to connect to smartphones by simply tapping the two devices together. No manual set up is required. This allows users access to a host of features which make it easier to share images with friends and family, almost instantly.

Samsung Smart WiFi and NFC Digital Camera Features

  • 22.3-millimeter ultra wide-angle lens for landscapes and more
  • 16.2-megapixel CCD sensor for natural-looking photos
  • 3-inch HVGA LED display to frame your shots
  • Wi-Fi capability to post to Facebook and other online networks
  • 720p HD video recording
  • The camera comes in a red or black body

Samsung Smart Digital Camera Description

This camera is great whether you are shooting an expanse of green space or a sprawling cityscape. The Samsung Smart Camera features a precision-cut 22.3-millimeter ultra-wide-angle lens. This allows you to instantly cover a whole-horizon field of view.

The Smart Auto feature automatically analyzes the current shooting environment. It chooses the right mode to give you the best possible picture.

The Samsung WB1100F Smart Camera measures 3.41 inches high by 4.90 inches wide by 3.78 inches deep. It weighs 1.02 pounds without the battery.

What we Liked Most about the Samsung Smart WiFi and NFC Digital Camera

The Samsung feels very comfortable in the hand when taking pictures, as a result, the battery life was good overall. This camera has several modes and takes great pictures including firework displays. Recommended for those who like a point and shoot camera but also like the bulky feel of the DSLR.

What we Did Not Like about the Samsung Smart WiFi and NFC Digital Camera

There is a moderate level of user controls to adjust focus, scene selections. Furthermore, the settings are buried in the menu so it is not user-friendly to access. As well some people found that the zoom feature leaves a little to be desired. Unfortunately, no attachments are available on the market for this type of camera.

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More about the Samsung Smart Digital Camera

For the artists in you, the Samsung’s Smart Filter lens delivers an artistic edge to your still shots and videos. The Miniature filter gives your subjects a miniaturized look. The Vignetting filter provides a strong compositional contrast. A Fish-Eye filter gives your photos a circular fisheye feel.

With Samsung’s AutoShare feature, you can send photos instantly to an NFC-compatible smartphone or tablet over a Wi-Fi connection. This makes it easy to back up photos and share them.

When you connect the camera to a smartphone, you can use the Remote ViewFinder app to turn your phone into a viewfinder.

You can control your camera from up to 30 feet away and preview images, adjust camera settings, frame the scene, and tag the shot location, all from your phone.

The Remote ViewFinder makes it easy when you need to take a group shot with yourself in it.

Samsung Smart WiFi and NFC Digital Camera Video

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