Steps to Taking Portrait Photos

Taking Portrait PhotosPeople have been fascinated by portraits for centuries. They capture the essence of the person and make for a great remembrance of people who are no longer with us. Gone are the days when you needed an artist to paint the portrait.

Now with a digital camera, you can take pictures that not only capture the essence of the person, but you will be able to add the image to other media such as Facebook or Instagram.

Although digital cameras are available to everyone, it is the professional photography that has the techniques to make a truly lovely portrait of someone. They probably have studied for many years and it is not a hobby for them but a business.

If you want to be taking portrait photos, you will just need a little practice, along with some basic portrait tips that will have everyone thinking you are a professional.

Capturing the Character of Your Subject

Capturing one’s character through an image can be considered somewhat challenging. The reason is that it is hard to identify a character with one image that has been taken with a camera.

In order to have a better understanding of the person, you might want to get to know the subject a little before you begin taking portrait photos.

The real magic will only happen once there is a relationship or camaraderie between you as the photographer the person whose portrait you are taking.

When looking through the lens you want to be able to connect with the person. You will want to sense the person’s sincerity, the intensity of their expression or even a distant look. Once you are able to do that, you will have successfully captured their character on your camera.

Maximizing the Natural Light

It is unfortunate but camera flashes often product red-eye in the photo. It is important to have as much natural light available as possible in order to avoid this phenomenon.

You will want to position your subject facing against the light so the light will illuminate their face. If you don’t have any natural light then you can resort to using the red-eye removal software when editing the image.

However, most digital cameras have a red-eye reduction feature so this should not be a problem.

Focusing on the Person When Taking Portrait Photos

Taking Portrait PhotosIt is important that the focus of a portrait is not on the background but is on the person you are working with.

You will want to make sure that you are taking photos with a plain background or you can make the necessary adjustment with the focus of the camera.

This will help to highlight the subject and have the background recede a little bit. Remember you want the subject to always stand out against the background.

If not, the essence of the portrait will be sacrificed.

Keeping the Eyes Wide Open

The exception is that unless you are going for a dramatic or theatrical look, the subject’s eyes should be wide open. Otherwise, you will not be able to fully capture the image or for that matter the character of the person.

If your subject blinks even for a second the image will be ruined. Let your subject know that there will be a flash from the camera. It might be a good idea to do some test shots so the subject gets used to the flash.

Bring the Drama with Black

You would think that black and white photography was out? But it is not. It is still very popular and instantly creates drama and to some degree, elegance when taking portrait photos.

How to do an Instant Cover-up

There is no need to hire a professional make-up artist to cover up or minimize blemishes on a subject’s face. All you need to do is a simple overexposure of the photos. The result will be luminescent skin and results in no imperfections in the portrait.

Moving Around When Taking Portrait Photos

One way to make the image more appealing is to have your subject in a conversation or have them move around the area. Take pictures while they are in motion and see what kind of results you get.

Not only will this make for a more interesting photo but they will look candid and spontaneous. This is especially effective when working with children.

Getting all Dressed Up

If this is going to be an important portrait that might grace the walls of someone’s living room, you want your subjects looking their best.

If you want an elegant look in the portrait, have your subject dress in appropriate suits and dresses.

You don’t have to have them dress up, especially if they want a more simplistic portrait.

Now that you have the list of tips for taking portrait photography, all you need to do is practice. You can play with different lighting techniques or other subject matter.

Make it fun and a worthwhile way to spend some time with your camera.

Taking Portrait Photos

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